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JetStream Podcast: Episode 40

JetStream Podcast Episode 40: Hockey Abstract with Rob Vollman

Marianne Helm

On this week's episode, the guys are extremely pleased to welcome the author of Hockey Abstract, Robert Vollman to the podcast!  Whilst discussing the newest edition of his book series, the group covers some of the basics of hockey analytics, some of the challenges facing the Jets, and a great group talk in regards to how important it is to get your voice and thoughts out to the public.

All that plus a resurgence of the infamous "Spelling Bee", and an introduction to the final round of the 'Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario' bracket!


The interaction many of you have had with the Podcast throughout this bracket has been fantastic, and hopefully this will grow and continue!  But in case you need a little motivation....

You could win a copy of Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract! If you send the guys a video or audio clip of yourself making your case for who you think should 'win' the Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario Bracket, you could not only be featured on the show, but be entered to win a copy of this amazing book!

Still feel free to also tweet at the Podcast using #JetStream, send your submissions or other emails to jetstreampodcast(at)gmail(dot)com, and be sure to vote in the poll that will be posted this week!

Be sure to listen to the latest episode of the JetStream Podcast by:

So keep your eyes open for the poll to be released in the coming days, send in your clips, and thank you for listening!

Here's a quick clip of what you can expect from this week's episode: