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FlightZone: Quintal is the Head of Discipline

A giveaway on AIH, Burmi scores a goal, and Quintal is now the man.

Marianne Helm

Arctic Ice Hockey has a contest that features a free book!

Alex Burmistrov goal for all your Alex Burmistrov needs.

Stephane Quintal is the man who we are to now direct all of our on ice discipline rage towards. (French)

Alex Ovechkin was not healthy when he played in the quarterfinals at the World Championships.

David Krejci thinks he can score 30 goals alongside Loui Ericksson.

Remember Sidney Crosby's wrist injury from the playoffs? The exact play that hurt him is now known.

Darcy Kuemper will most likely not be in Minnesota Wild camp later this month.

Jonathan Quick is overrated by a NHL writer.

And the best shootout guys in the NHL is also ready for debate.

The Edmonton Oilers cheat on defence and that is leading to them never playing on offence.

Which players have some of the best contracts for their teams in the NHL?

The Winter Classic should be played at RFK Stadium, not Nationals Park.

Raphael Diaz turned down the Detroit Red Wings for the Calgary Flames. Let that sink in for a minute.

An actual Down Goes Brown piece for Daniel Lipson.

Bobby Ryan is not negotiating an extension with the Ottawa Senators right now. Eugene Melnyck is digging through his couch for more money.

Sports has a problem with women.