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FlightZone: NEW STATS SITES!!!!!!!

New stats sites, fast skating Hurricans, and the Jets odds of winning ConferenceIII.

Marianne Helm

Stats sites to replace your ExtraSkater sads: War-On-Ice and Progressive Hockey

The Winnipeg Jets have 12/1 odds of winning the Central Division.

Please let Mat Dumba play first pairing minutes alongside Ryan Suter.

What did the Dallas Stars do this offseason? More than Kevin Cheveldayoff.

The Dallas Stars use strength up the left side to help move the puck up the ice.

Thank god the Winnipeg Jets are not in the now defunct South East Division anymore.

A sim of a few expansion team games.

Joe Thornton has incorrectly been taking a lot of flak for the San Jose Sharks post-season failings.

Bobby Ryan is currently in negotiations with the Ottawa Senators and Eugene Melnyck is searching through is couch cushions for money to pay him with next year.

Zac Rinaldo got a contract extension. He was already signed for next year. Someone teach me how to Flyer.

Hey, Sean Couturier! Your GM wants you to provide more offence while playing alongside people like Zac Rinaldo.

Eddie Lack and Kevin Bieksa magically switch seats a few times in the middle of the a roller coaster ride.

The best centres in the NHL. Debate amongst yourselves.