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FlightZone: Wheeler Gets Lettered

Kane thinks he can score 50, Wheeler is an A, and the Sedins should bounce back.

Marianne Helm

Evander Kane thinks he can score 50 goals.d Tait did a much better job of transcribing than I did, so here are the juicier bits of PoMo's PC.

Blake Wheeler is now on the A team.

Day One audio from Illegal Curve.

Come to Winnipeg, James. We have cookies.

Alex Ovechkin is a 5 on 4 machine when it comes to shooting the puck.

The Sedin twins should bounce back this year as their percentages remained fine in the tire fire called Vancouver.

Ryan Clowe has been told to stop fighting due to concussions.

The Philadelphia Flyers have disaster potential this year.

Drew Doughty is recovering from an upper body injury.

Claude Giroux is also recovering from an injury.

James Duthie talks about having to go to the bathroom while hosting TradeCentre.

Joe Sakic is officially the GM of the Colorado Avalanche and Greg Sherman retains his job of sending faxes and fetching coffee.

Top goaltenders of decades past.

Which NHL team is most watchable?

The Pittsburgh Penguins got new third jerseys and hhhnngg.