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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25 - Fan Ballot

Tell us what you think.

Marianne Helm

Now that you have all read and possibly forgotten the Arctic Ice Hockey version of the Winnipeg Jets Top 25 players under 25 years of age. Now is your turn, well some of you anyways. Attached is a link to a fan ballot. Only the first 100 respondents will be counted, because to tally more results we'd have to pay and we ain't paying.

What To Do:

  • Open the ballot.
  • Rank the players - all of them.
  • Submit the ballet.
  • Wait for us to publish the results.

Sounds pretty simple, no? Well it really really is.

Oh, on last thing - if you open the player list and aren't sure who half of the listed player are, this probably isn't for you. Please don't crud up the results. And please only fill it out once. Don't ruin everyone else's fun you jerk.

Anyways, here is the link: Link

We will publish the results of the fan ballot alongside the full author rankings. From there you can tell us who is the smartest and who is not.

Hint: I am the smartest.