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FlightZone: Czech Out the Devils

Crosby gets a lighter load, Boston looks to extend Krecji, and the Devils are trying to get even older.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Take a load off Crosby, take a load for free, take a off Crosby, and you put the load right on Fleury.

The Boston Bruins are close to entering serious talks to extend David Krejci.

The New Jersey Devils have found more old guys to possibly sign to their team.

Jonathan Willis has a smart, balanced take on the topic of expansion and the NHL.

Sean Fitz-Gerald looks at potential expansion locations.

The NHL is taking it slowly with the prospect of expansion.

Say, what about potential names for the theoretical Las Vegas team?

Olivier Bouchard finds some logic in the Craig Anderson deal. (French) (taux d'arrets=save percentage)

Using zone starts as a tool to maximize possession.

Zone entries, Corsi and winning go together great.

How can MSM change to stay relevent?

PSA from Cory Sarich: wear you helmet while biking, it could save your life (and avoid Truck).

The NHL hasn't done much to foster offence, even though there has been a rapid decline since the 1980s.