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FlightZone: Frolik Going to Arbitration?

Following the success of The Night That Was in the playoffs, I have made the decision to share links everyday. Name is still a work in progress, so suggestions are welcome.The Jets elect to take Frolik to arbitration and other news from the weekend.

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Marianne Helm

Jets News:

The big news is that the Winnipeg Jets have filed for team elected arbitration with forward Michael Frolik. This isn't the end of the world.

Zach Redmond is healthy and playing very well for the IceCaps.


Mirtle shares some secret knowledge about the salary cap being higher than expected next year if the NHLPA gets their way.

Olivier Bouchard breaks down games 4 and 5 of the Stanley Cup Final (French).

That's Offside! proves once again that Sidney Crosby is not human with his QMJHL stats.

What should you know about compliance buyouts?

Based on the Rick DiPietro scale of buyouts,who in the NHL is likely to be bought out?

A basketball fan started watching the NHL playoffs and became a fan of the sport. I welcome him with open arms.

Bruce Arthur on the last game of the Final.

Just how did the Kings win the Cup?

Anze Kopitar and Chris Sutter with the best interview of the playoffs IMO.