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Agent: Burmistrov says "nyet" to Winnipeg, will honour second year of KHL contract

It looks like Alex Burmistrov won't be coming back to inject the Winnipeg Jets with some much needed talent this coming season, and that's a shame.


It appears that the Winnipeg Jets will have to do without the services of Alexander Burmistrov again for the coming season, which is terrible news if you actually care about the team.

Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun sent out the following two tweets about an hour ago:

More on this as the story develops, but it's hard to not be frustrated by this news. Claude Noel really did a significant amount of bridge-burning for the Jets and their young players from overseas. I don't blame Burmi or Arturs Kulda for bolting, and it's really too bad that the hope of them returning any time soon has been dashed.

Some initial reaction from Twitter: