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Game 79: Jets Blow Away the Leafs; Win 4-2

The year is all but over. Let's have some fun and enjoy the win because Canada loves us for one night and one night only.

Hey, did you hear that the Leafs will also be golfing?
Hey, did you hear that the Leafs will also be golfing?
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

"PA-AVS!!"-yelled Flaherty, "WHAT"-yelled Pavs "You're starting tonight"-said Flaherty. "Okay"-said Pavs. So he got on his pads and went onto the ice, but there was something he forgot…his goaltending abilities.

"PA-AVS!!"-yelled Flaherty, "WHAT"-yelled Pavs "Is there something you forgot?" Pavs looked down and realized, he had forgotten to actually play goal. So he went to the room and took off his his skates; slip, slip, slip. Undid his pads; snap, snap, snap. And shook out his hair; shake, shake, shake, and breathed.

So he put on his pads; snap, snap, snap. And put on his skates; slip, slip, slip. Put on his helmet; tug, tug, tug and headed back out. And he remembered to stop the puck. He stopped the puck well. He stopped it while his team was killing penalties. And then he took a nap because his team decided to pretend that they were the Harlem Globetrotters.

And then he went back out of the third and did more of the same, except his team scored three goals, including (gasp) a power play goal. It was a great game.

Pavs went to the room after and, without removing any of his equipment, lay down and fell asleep for it had been a long day and he was tired.

Ten Thoughts:

1. Pavelec is having a very Pavelecian first. Very Pavelecian. Does he start the second or do the Jets start evaluating Michael Hutchinson? Nope, Pavelec is still in net. Pavelec survived the second without any real scares, he even looked okay on the penalty kill. I shouldn't be speechless, but we're talking about Pavelec here. And Pavelec had another good period. I am calling sorcery

2. Late period goal conceded. Yawn. What?!?! The Jets scored it! While I'll be, miracles do happen! Good on you, young Trouba.

3. The Leafs power play looks a lot like the Jets. Which means it doesn't look very good. Nevermind, they must have heard Glenn Healy and decided that shooting the puck was a good idea.

4. Dumping the puck in on the power play is just such a terrible plan. You lose possession or waste time getting it back. Stop that.

5. Little, Ladd, Frolik know how to defend against Toronto's top line. Scratch that, the Winnipeg Jets know how to defend against the Toronto Maple Leafs; with offence.

6. Tobias Enstrom has been really solid on offence lately. Toby Enstrom is a solid defence man. Toby Enstrom is awesome. Also, imagine a pairing of him and Trouba. You know you want to see it.

7. Jets announce Byfuglien is done for the night, CBC has no clue. Kane and O'Dell were playing well together, CBC said Kane was struggling. Get a clue CBC. And then CBC compares Little to Bozak. We are done CBC, just done.

8. When you give the fourth line a really good scoring chance, you do not deserve the playoffs Toronto.

9. Kane would sure be nice in this game. Down Scheifele already and losing Byfuglien makes the Jets thin upfront.

10. Who is happy that the Jets decided to evaluate Eric O'Dell? *raises hand*

Bonus Thought:

Kane was scratched for reasons unbeknownst to us. The Jets won because they played the Leafs. Just because these two events happened at the same time does not mean they are related, no matter what anybody says. Correlation does not equal causation. Just because the Jets won tonight without Kane, but they will lose more than they win without a play driver like Kane in the lineup. Cut the noise, Kane is still a key player for the Jets. One that they should keep.

When a positive result comes from two independent events, it means nothing in the long run. When a positive result like a win happens when a team carries the run of play happens, that is when correlation equals causation because the two events have been shown to have ties to winning over the long term. That is correlation equaling causation, not the Jets winning because Kane is scratched.

For your fun, curtesy of everyones favourite Travis from JetsNation

T-3 games and the Jets have the Leafs inching closer to being first in line for waffles.