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Rumour Mill: Devin Setoguchi and Chris Thorburn could be on the move to San Jose

Is there trade rumours swirling around about tight-lipped True North Sports Entertainment? What do the numbers say about it?


Gary Lawless tweeted in regards to a potential trade for the Winnipeg Jets with the San Jose Sharks:

So is this a good deal for the Jets or not? Let's look at the numbers over the last three seasons.

Name GP P/GP TOI/60 Line Corsi% Percentile GD/60 GD/82 RelCorsi%
Devin Setoguchi 178 0.365 13.35 2nd 48.36% 25% 0.06 0.83 1.22
Chris Thorburn 166 0.157 8.56 4th 44.48% 25% -0.65 -4.75 -6.15
James Sheppard 79 0.177 11.20 3rd 52.47% 75% 0.12 1.50 0.20
Tyler Kennedy 157 0.376 12.19 3rd 53.19% 80% 0.12 1.87 0.64
Adam Burish 115 0.183 10.05 4th 47.34% 50% -0.62 -4.20 -3.86


The TOI and Corsi% are actually just weighted averages by GP of the last 3 seasons. Line is what depth they are being evaluated on for Percentile and GD, based on their TOI and the data from this article. Percentile is approximately where their Corsi% fits relative to their depth peers (with higher being better). GD/60 is just +/- per 60 mins of 5v5 icetime you'd expect given Corsi% from the linked article, while GD/82 is an extrapolation to a full season. RelCorsi% is how much better a team does in Corsi% with the player on the ice rather than off.


* Setoguchi is one of the better point scorers of the group and is the only player who has consistently played top6 minutes of the bunch. He has however been a below average top 6 player, as shown by being in the 25th percentile for 2nd line players in Corsi. His Corsi% has been oddly steady at 48.4%, 48.4% and 48.3% over the last three seasons. His RelCorsi is being a floated up from a +5.8% two seasons ago on a terrible puck possession Minnesota Wild squad, as he's been a minus RelCorsi% player for two seasons now.

* Well Winnipeg fans should be well educated on Thorburn's last three seasons. He is well liked with leadership and grit, so he has good personality... It is debatable who is the weaker player here between Burish and Thorburn. Thorburn has a worse Corsi% but let's be frank that the Jets are not quite as strong as the Sharks.

* Sheppard has been having a strong year with a 54.5 Corsi% this season. Sheppard will never be mistaken for a scorer, but he does bring more scoring than many of the Jets 4th liners AND far better puck possession. There is no doubt he would be an upgrade over the Jets fourth line players, and could even fill in on the third line on a pinch. He is also the only RFA player of the bunch.

* Tyler Kennedy gets the favorable Pittsburgh bump in his underlying and scoring numbers; he has however been a proven, solid bottom 6 player for years. He has scored at a similar clip as Setoguchi but can promote possession a bit better. Also unlike Setoguchi, Kennedy has one more season at 2.35 mil CapHit.

* Burish, as noted before, could be debated as the worst player of the bunch. He also is signed for the next two seasons 1.85 mil CapHit. Here lies the catch; Sharks are trying to shed salary and Jets may get stuck with a thirty-one year old player worse than Thorburn who Jets will have chained to them for two more seasons. He could get buried in the minors, but there is the chance the Jets keep him up instead of lesser players... which is scary.