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Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Day 9 coverage

Here's a look at what's on tap for Day 9 of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Doug Pensinger

Canada had another slow day in terms of medal counts but fortunately Denny Morrison (speed skating) brought home his second medal of the Olympic Games, this one a bronze in the 1500m men's speed skating competition.

We will continue to bring nightly GDT's through the duration of the Olympics, including special GDT's which will run for Canada's men's and women's hockey games.

Here's a list of events that are on tap today:

Sport Time Event
Alpine Skiing 12:00AM Men's Super-G
Biathlon 9:00AM Men's Mass Start
Bobsleigh 10:15AM Two-man
Cross-Country 4:00AM Men's Relay
Curling 4:00AM DEN vs. KOR - Women's Qualification
4:00AM JPN vs. SUI - Women's Qualification
4:00AM SWE vs. RUS - Women's Qualification
4:00AM USA vs. CAN - Women's Qualification
9:00AM NOR vs. SUI - Men's Qualification

9:00AM CHN vs. CAN - Men's Qualification

9:00AM GER vs. DEN - Men's Qualification

9:00AM USA vs. SWE- Men's Qualification

11:00AM RUS vs. GBR - Women's Qualification

11:00AM KOR vs. USA - Women's Qualification
11:00AM JPN vs. CHN - Women's Qualification
Figure Skating 9:00AM Ice Dance - Short Dance
Ice Hockey 2:00AM AUT vs. NOR - Men's Group B

2:00AM FIN vs. GER - Women's Classifications

6:30AM RUS vs. SVK - Men's Group A

6:30AM SLO vs. USA - Men's Group A

11:00AM FIN vs. CAN - Men's Group B

11:00AM RUS vs. JPN - Women's Classifications
Snowboard 1:00AM Ladies' Snowboard Cross - Qualification

3:15AM Ladies' Snowboard Cross - Quarterfinal

3:30AM Ladies' Snowboard Cross - Semifinal

3:40AM Ladies' Snowboard Cross - Final
Speed Skating 8:00AM Ladies' 1500m

Click HERE for your updated medal count.