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FlightZone: Beer Snake Returns

The beer snake returns to Winnipeg, hockey's culture of sexism, and Jaromir the good.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

MUST READ: Hockey's culture of sexism. (Yahoo)

One lady sewed the logo for every Chicago Blackhawks jersey for 25 seasons. (Sporting News)

Ondrej Pavelec's play is probably not sustainable, but lets enjoy it. (The Hockey Writers)

Pavelec by month. (JetsNation)

NHL News:

There is a Canadian company that is recording zone time for NHL teams. (

Jaromir Jagr is good. (

Lance Bouma missed a hit. (TheScore)

The best power ranking in the land, maybe. (TheScore)

Georges Vezina has a distant relative who plays goal. (National Post)

Alex Ovechkin is the Washington Captials all-time leading scorer. (TheScore)

On young wingers and expected results. (Yahoo)

Gustav Nyquist scores on an unsustainable percentage of shots. (Yahoo)

The 1970s were the glory days for the NHL draft. (Grantland)

When Zdeno Chara returns to health, his play will be placed against some trends in the NHL. (Washington Post)

Tanking is necessary in the NHL. (Toronto Star)

Andrew Ference is two faced (sung to "Sally the Camel). (National Post)

Dysin Mayo is the name of a person. Western Canada. (The Hockey News)

Is Alex Semin available for trade? (TheScore)