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FlightZone: One More Day to Take-Off

Previews, Budaj to the Rock, and a new hockey book on Derek Boogaard.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

ConferenceIII News:

Garret helped Gary Lawless make the argument to Dustin Byfuglien move to D.

TSN's Winnipeg Jets season preview.

Peter Budaj is going to the farm with no complaints.

A fun Canadian team round-table preview. (No GIFs or music included).

Adrian Dater was suspended for misogynistic comments made on Twitter.

Hockey News:

30 things to watch for in the upcoming season.

There is a new book on Derek Boogaard that sounds like a should read for hockey fans.

The Arizona Coyotes were super close to moving to Seattle.

Is the CHL working for Canadian kids anymore?

A big breakdown of the Rogers NHL deal and what it means for the viewer.

PuckDaddy ran a terrible interview with Hillary Knight. Here are some better questions to ask next time.

Watch for teams who have unbelievable goaltending and scoring at the beginning of the year and bet against them.

The many ways in which NHL teams are built.

Blogger Bobby Robins has made the NHL thanks to his fists.

Kris Letang just wants to be treated normally now.