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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets defeat the Edmonton Oilers in overtime as rookies shine

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Jacob Trouba and Mark Scheifele lead the way Saturday afternoon as the Jets beat the Oilers in overtime.

Marianne Helm

First Period

The Winnipeg Jets got off to a rough start to the game with Michael Frolik taking a penalty 55 seconds into the game. Despite a few scrambling moments on the penalty kill the shorthanded unit looked good. While the Edmonton Oilers clearly came out motivated to start the game the Jets did not crack and were able to survive the early wave of offense.

The Jets got two power play chances in the first period off of penalties to Sam Gagner and Taylor Hall. While they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities they looked much better than they have in the past. They rotated the puck well, were able to maintain possession in the attacking zone and got shots on net. While a goal or two would have been nice, the Jets powerplay has been putrid all year. So simply maintaining time in the zone and getting shots on net is a big step in the right direction.

The cherry on top  of the first period was a lazy hooking penalty by Mark Stuart with twenty seconds remaining in the period.  Mark Stuart continues to drive me insane with his play. The puck stays in our own end every time he's on the ice. While I understand that he is a locker room presence and brings toughness and grit... he is routinely a liability on the ice more frequently than he is an asset. With the playoffs likely out of reach at this point of the season, it would be nice to see some of the players within the Jets system get ice time in place of Stuart. The stakes aren't  high and we know what we have in Stuart.

Second Period

The Jets had to start the period on the penalty kill thanks to good ol' Stu. The Oilers once again came out guns a blazin' and were able to sustain pressure on Ondrej Pavelec. The Jets managed to hold on and kill off the first penalty of the period, but after a penalty to Eric O'Dell the Oil were able to break through and get the first goal of the game. Jordan Eberle's shot caught the shoulder of Ondrej Pavelec and fluttered past him into the Jet's net.

The Jets had two power plays in the second period. Both showing were vintage special teams performances for the team as they looked disjointed, confused and hesitant. The passes were unable to make it cleanly to their intended target. It was a disappointing step back after the progress that was shown in the opening period.

Third Period

Bryan Little did a gorgeous job of protecting the puck and making a couple of slick moves to find the golden boy in front of the net for the deflection past Bryzgalov. I continue impressed by the offensive awareness of Trouba. He seems to know when to jump into the play and when to stand back. He constantly is learning and finding ways to put himself in position to have success.

SNIPELE!!!!!! Mark Scheifele finally got his first goal at the MTS Centre and it was a beauty. He is fourth in the league in rookie scoring and seems to be getting better and better as the season goes along. He looks much stronger on his skates and is handling the puck with more and more confidence. AIH has exclusive footage of Arby's heart every time Mark scores:


With two minutes remaining in the period David Perron tipped home a shot past Ondrej Pavelec. Can't really fault Pavelec on the goal, but it was a truly deflating goal given how the Jets had been thoroughly outplaying the Oilers.


After a great defensive play by Jacob Trouba, Blake Wheeler came charging at the Oilers net. While his initial effort didn't result in a goal, he stuck with it, sent the puck infront of the net and.....


Trouba. Jets win. Remain undefeated in the Paul Maurice era.

And now, presenting...

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Congratulations and welcome to Arctic Ice Hockey to Padre for being the first ever winner of the AIH game thread roll call. (TJ and I are disqualified as we are scrubs). The plan was to plug your Twitter handle, but considering you don't have one. Enjoy this slow clap compilation and a tip of my cap:


Jets play next on Tuesday against Anaheim. As always we will have all your Jets coverage here.