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Video Analysis: Winnipeg Jets Defensive Breakdowns

The origin of the Winnipeg Jets defensive woes really isn't that complicated. Let's breakdown some video.

Marianne Helm

Watch the below video and you will find the source of all the Winnipeg Jets defensive woes.


It is all right there!

  • The Clitnone
  • The Bogo Oh No
  • The Helen Kellerby
  • The Pardy Foul
  • The Troubooboo
  • The Mark Pooart
  • The Byfugly

Even the Ran_dy Jones and Johnny O's Free Pizza Special make appearances.

Is Charlie Huddy responsible for all of the Jets defensive woes, maybe. He doesn't appear to be the answer, but this isn't real video analysis. This is just an attempt to lighten the mood on a frustrating night in Winnipeg Jets land.