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Winnipeg Jets Best Special Team Players - Power play defense

We take a look at the Winnipeg Jets best players in special teams situations, next with defense when on a man-advantage.

Jeff Gross

Let's be honest; special teams has been a bit of a problem for the Winnipeg Jets 2.0. While this is probably the only situation I'll give some validation to the move and no training camp, there is still something we can learn with who has been more and less successful under the team's new systems.

We'll look at how the Jets performed over the last two seasons combined in five versus four situations:

Name TOI SF/20 CF/20 CF% P/60
Dustin Byfuglien 356 15.957 31.746 88.3% 4.38
Paul Postma 55 13.107 24.935 89.3% 4.37
Tobias Enstrom 260 14.935 28.870 87.4% 4.16
Zach Bogosian 209 15.517 30.939 90.2% 2.87
Grant Clitsome 164 17.239 29.343 87.6% 2.57
Ron Hainsey 67 12.463 28.783 85.8% 0.89

All shot attempts for (CF/20 = shots, misses, blocks and goals) has been shown to be most repeatable for year-to-year, so this would be a good indication of natural skill and predictor of what can reasonably expected for our pieces the next season.
P/60 probably needs a larger sample size than this to be overly conclusive but it isn't terrible either at this point.

Looking at all regular NHL PP forwards (~110 players with 100+ mins):

* Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom are 11th and 16th in the NHL for points per minute

* Zach Bogosian is 60th in the NHL for points per minute

* Hainsey has similar point production on the power play as he did at even strength

Random Thoughts and Notes:

A reminder that power play success is heavily influenced by team system. This is apparent when looking at shot attempts for this season, with the top four forwards all being San Jose Sharks players, the next three all being Philadelphia Flyers and the next three all being Detroit Red Wings. The Jets did not fair well here, although they were improved over 2011-12 season, and the second half of the 2012-13 season was much better than the first half.

There is no doubt that the Jets have elite power play defensemen in Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom, while Zach Bogosian is at the cusp of becoming a legitimate primary power play option on most teams. Grant Clitsome is not that far away from Zach Bogosian's success either.

Ron Hainsey and Paul Postma's numbers are very intriguing. The Jets have generated a decent amount of shot attempts with Hainsey on the ice, but Ron's offensive numbers have decreased significantly over the last few years. Paul Postma on the other hand is the opposite, with elite production off of very small shot production; with his small sample size it will be interesting to see where his numbers settle, as he has dominated the power play historically in both Junior and the AHL.

The Winnipeg Jets have five proven efficient power play point men, hopefully Claude Noel takes notice and puts Olli Jokinen off the point and down lower where it is best for both the Jets and Jokinen.