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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25 - #7 - Adam Lowry

We look at the top 25 players under the age of 25 in the Winnipeg Jets organization, as voted by the authors of Arctic Ice Hockey.

Winnipeg Jets 2nd pick ever made was Adam Lowry. He will unlikely be the trivia question that is Mark Scheifele, but he has a good shot being an impact player on the Jets as a strong two-way centre who can be a danger in both ends with his size and mobility. Because of this, many are high on the potential of Adam Lowry, enough so that Lowry has ended up directly after the first round picks for the Jets.

Lowry moves up four spots to position seven in this years top 25.

Rank Player DOB Drafted Garret Tim Ben Ryan Trevor Derek Graham Daniel TJ
7 Adam Lowry 29/03/1993
#67, 2011 9 9 6 6 6 6 9 9 8

Previous Rank: 11

Lowry's WHL Success

Adam Lowry played his WHL rookie season in 2008-09 as a sixteen year old, much like most top prospects from the CHL. He finished third in the team for goals and fifth in the team for points. Lowry's points were also fifth in the league for U17 players in the WHL, with his production being similar to Ty Rattie. Both Ty Rattie and Adam Lowry also made the U17 Team Canada, as did former Jets prospect Zachary Yuen.

Similarly to Evander Kane's rookie season, Lowry picked up a case of mononucleosis just prior to training camp. The difference was this was Lowry's draft year. This caused Lowry to miss much of start of the season. Also, it took Lowry a while to get back into full swing. In Lowry's first 33 games he 6 goals and 9 assists, while in his second 33 game she had 12 goals and 18 assists, exactly doubling his first half production. True North selected Lowry in the third round, hoping to get value out of the pick with Lowry's late production increase and projected growth from a tall and gangly frame.

Lowry proved the Jets right, scoring over a point per a game in the 2011-12 season. Unfortunately he broke his wrist and was unable to finish the second half of the season. An achievement only ten from Lowry's age group successfully accomplished.

The following season was when Lowry truly broke out. Lowry scored 88 points, the highest in his team and twelfth in the WHL. His point per game was also seventeenth in the WHL. What made it such a large accomplishment as he did it on a terrible team and essentially dragged the team into playoff contention. Lowry was the only player in the entire team to score over a point per game and the second and third highest player were about 30 points below Lowry. Lowry's 88 points accounted for 43% of the team's point totals. He was named WHL Player of the Year, for all of his success.

The other reason for the hype was this season being the first one playing as a centre, a position of need in the Jets and high importance overall.

Recent Scouting Reports

From Hockey Prospectus:

The Good: Lowry is a good do-it-all type of player who can produce in both ends. Last year, he showed the ability to play center and wing effectively. He is a big forward who plays the body well, and he does not shy away from physical battles. Lowry takes his checks well on defense, and on the whole, he plays well in his own end. He displayed more offensive creativity with the puck, along with good goal scoring ability.

From Jets Nation 2nd All-Star Team selection on the Penticton tournament:

One of the few truly powerful skaters at the tournament with a compact, efficient stride, Lowry drove his giant 6'5" frame up and down the ice to great effect and with remarkable mobility. Full 200ft game, controlling the centre of the ice with his size and positioning. Pro-level strength already. Good anticipation and created offence from his two-way play, giving up little and driving the play the right way. A corsi-monster at this level.

The Future of Adam Lowry

The guy has NHL ready size and strength. He might only need one year in the AHL, improving his skating until he is NHL ready overall; however, the Jets have decided to develop Lowry as a centre, thinking longterm. As a large, powerful two-way centre, Lowry embodies everything a GM drools for after the first rounds of drafting. But, this will mean he needs more time in the AHL, growing and learning the position.

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