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Infographic: Chronicling the Winnipeg Jets' draft tendencies

Reviewing the draft history of the Winnipeg Jets [Atlanta Thrashers] as well as the tendencies of the thirteenth overall draft pick.


With the 2013 NHL Draft a mere two days away, your pals here at Arctic Ice Hockey decided it was time to have a little bit of fun with infograms.

Though relatively crude in its appearance, the charts below review Winnipeg's drafts by nationality, games played by Jets [Thrashers] draft picks and notable selections in the history of the franchise.

Afterward, we review the draft tendencies at the thirteenth overall selection, by analyzing the pick by position as well as the statistical output of players drafted thirteenth overall dating back to 1980.

Finally, we conclude with a list of notable draft gems and absolute busts. Hopefully the data presented is pleasant in nature.