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Friday Morning Altitude Check: The Lockout Edition

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Winnipeg Jets-related news and notes.


Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets and elsewhere in the NHL.

Ed. Note: Now that we are through with the Stanley Cup Finals, Altitude Check will only be running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Here is what's in the news for Friday, September 14, 2012:

Ready for some lockout talk? No? Too bad! Here is an update of recent happenings. []

Want hockey? Too bad says Paul Friesen [Winnipeg Sun]

But what does it all mean? Well, fans are losing hope. Check out this little diddy by friend of the blog Melissa Martin:

"I really don't think you're ever going to get both sides of the story," said Winnipegger Trevor Maughan, another die-hard hockey fan who blogs about the NHL at his Jets blog, Arctic Ice Hockey. "Both sides want to make it seem like it's something it's not... and there's so much jargon and lingo."[Winnipeg Free Press]

What does a lockout mean for the Jets? Gary Lawless believes it could be a good thing. [Winnipeg Free Press]

How about the players? Well the Jets aren't optimistic. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Uncoachable bad seed Alexander Burmistrov wants to ask Chevy and coach Noel where he should play. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Winnipeg Jets Captain Andrew Ladd believes fans will see through the CBA rhetoric, but it isn't clear whether or not he thinks fans will see through the rhetoric that he is spewing. "A lockout has been ownership's plan right from the beginning." [Winnipeg Free Press]

Winnipeg Jets prospects Jason Gregoire and Kevin Clark were looking forward to Jets camp. For fringe players, a lockout takes away one training camp battle and one chance of making the big club. [Winnipeg Free Press]

But why oh why is this happening? Because the owners are losing money. Here is a really nice breakdown of what is going on. [JetsNation]

Sidney Crosby wants to play hockey and he will play anywhere he can. [Winnipeg Sun]

Jarome Iginla is willing to lose a whole season. So are the fans the only one that want hockey? [Winnipeg Sun]

When will the constant stream of non news in Phoenix come to an end? Apparently it could end soon. Again. [Winnipeg Sun]