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The NHL's Most Interesting Name: 2000s Part III

In the third installment of the 2000s, we encounter the final fresh batch of names before wrapping up the 2000s and moving into the final stages. Rather than beat around the bush, let's just get to it...

The purpose... history is chock full of names that can pique a person's interest, whether it's because it's unintentionally funny to the English sensibility (Petr Pohl), almost regal (Normand Rochefort), or lends itself to entertaining wordplay (Darius Kasparaitis). The criteria for our 'most interesting names' is a bit loose, in that the name can strike you as any one of the above descriptors, or all of them, but ultimately you are going to vote on the name that 'strikes' you the strongest.

The contestants...

  • Johnny Oduya - Former Jet "Oh, Do Ya?" seems like he should be from Minnah-sohhhh-Tah, even though the overblown characterization of the Minnesota accent is really more Michigan Yooper.
  • Luca Caputi - If you died with Luigi enough times, you'd get Luca.
  • Cristobal Huet - French. Why else would he have that outrageous accent? Now go away before I insult him a second time.
  • Rob Globke - This is just a great way to rhyme with "Rob."
  • Paul Szczechura - C'mon, man, give us a vowel somewhere...
  • Reto Von Arx - A Swiss League lifer, probably never called "DoReto" by his teammates.
  • Jordin Tootoo - Has always had a sense of humor about his interesting name, switching his number from 55 to 22.
  • Tim Ramholt - What, you thought there'd only be one porn name in the 2000s?
  • Brooks Laich - It would have been far less interesting if it was pronounced "Latch" or "Laytch."
  • Cal Clutterbuck - The hitter extraordinaire has got it all: energy, alliteration, massive beard...

Rock the vote y'all.