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An Experimental BW Chart for Jets vs Leafs 12/31

This is how I chop my MEAT
This is how I chop my MEAT

'Tis the season for farting around, and a little extra spare time can certainly lead me to fart around more than most. Basically, after throwing together the BW charts and then Gabe having written code for it, naturally I would try some different approaches just to be difficult.

The adjustments I made this time were to give a more visual placement of the powerplays and penalty kills, as well as to give a better sense of where the shot differential shifts. I can't say myself whether this graph is better or worse; I'm too close to it to be a good judge. Have a look...


  • To clarify: the entire chart is from the Winnipeg perspective, so as shot differential trends up into the positive, that's positive for us, not them. Likewise, the shaded green areas are our powerplays, and the shaded red areas are our penalty kills. Goals for them are the vertical black lines, and goals for us are the vertical blue.
  • I think this really accentuates how much of a gamebreaker the second period was; the powerplays seem to mesh into a general up-trend for the Jets, only brought back down by a couple of penalty kills. The 3rd period looks very quiet (good for us), and the 1st period looks volatile but mostly positive (which is pretty much every game for us).
  • Of our powerplays, we only seemed to really take advantage of two (the two we scored on, of course), and our kills weren't too impressive this time around.