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NHL Arbitration Starting: James Mirtle Reminds us to Set our Clocks Back

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James Mirtle has a list of arb-eligible players today. The Jets are arb-free with Blake Wheeler's signing, so the fun stuff will be the Parise and Weber deals.

Although Mirtle mentions that these hearings get contentious (like Atlanta agreeing to Clarke MacArthur's arb request so that they could cut him) but he doesn't tell us what actually goes on in the hearings: both teams and players may only use statistics that appear on in arbitration hearings. It's always a little unclear what that means - you can calculate GVT or Corsi or Quality of Competition or Zone Starts or 'With or Without You' directly from, but they're probably off-limits. The end result is that teams and agents come up with a list of comps based on counting stats and player reputations.

Did you think I meant Mirtle was reminding us to set our clocks back an hour? More like 25 years.