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2011-12 Community Projections: Southeast Division

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Well, readers, here's what you had to say about the SE Division - I've included Tom Awad's VUKOTA projections as a comparison:

Team Readers Vukota
WSH 111 99
CAR 89 94
WPG 89 84
TAM 88 88
FLA 89 83

Some thoughts:

Washington - this team wasn't quite as good as its 107 points might have indicated last season. So 111 points is actually a big leap, even if you believe that Washington's goaltending was legitimately below-average last year and that Vokoun is a huge upgrade. Roughly two teams finish with 111+ points each season, and that's because everything breaks the right way for them. VUKOTA is much more realistic about likely outcomes.

Winnipeg - like I told you guys, you're way too optimistic about this team. There's a reason you needed to put down five-year commitments for season tickets.

Tampa - I think both our readers and VUKOTA are way too conservative about this team. They dominate puck possession, but they play a little differently with the lead than other teams, and they ended up with a mediocre goal-differential, which drives a lot of VUKOTA.

Florida - I should go back and remove the Panthers voters from the results. The one-quarter of readers who thought Florida would post 100+ points...I'd love to wager with you. Leave your name in the comments, winner chooses the charity of his choice.

Carolina - it seems like everyone basically sees all of the teams other than Washington in this division as being on the playoff bubble. VUKOTA thinks the Hurricanes are a little better.

We'll see who turns out to be more accurate...