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Kevin Cheveldayoff is not Tim Cheveldae

Kevin Cheveldayoff?

My first thoughts on the newly crowned Winnipeg GM? Is this some European Bloc relative of former Jets' netminder Tim Cheveldae? Is this in fact Tim Cheveldae, under an altered alias; working his way into the ranks of NHL upper management?

As it turns out, no.

Kevin Cheveldayoff was announced as the  J__s GM on Wednesday afternoon, marking the beginning of the non-Ferguson managed NHL hockey era in Winnipeg.

Cheveldayoff comes to Winnipeg following a two-year stint as the Chicago Blackhawks assistant general manager, and proud wearer of a Stanley Cup ring. Preceding the Hawks' job he was the GM of the IHL/AHL Chicago Wolves for 12 years (where the Wolves won four championships). This guy knows winning (not that kind of #winning).

Good news for the J__s? I'm thinking yup.

TNSE (True North Sports & Entertainment) got their guy (no offence Mr. Dudley) and now they can get on to other business (like a name perhaps).

First up for the new GM, solidify the J__s coaching situation. Craig Ramsay is likely out (he's got a year left on his contract) and the rumour mill suggests Manitoba Moose coach Claude Noel as the frontrunner. After that, it's off to the draft on June 24.

Mr. Cheveldayoff, a number 7 draft selection is no laughing matter (although I'll likely make jokes about it on Twitter). Please don't find a way to redraft Jimmy Mann.

Go J__s go.

PS: According to his Wikipedia page, Tim Cheveldae is now a firefighter.