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NHL: UFA Price per Win in 2010 and Hometown Discounts

We've had 23 UFA signings so far, with an average price of $1.86M per projected 2010-11 win.  (Projected wins are calculated using a dead simple model: a 3-2-1 weighting of a player's last three years worth of GVT.)  Last year, this figure was $2.23M for the free agent class as a whole. 

I expect the UFA price of a win to rise slightly this off-season, but what we've seen here is the "hometown discount".  I'm not being totally consistent with my math so this is a coarse estimate, but basically, when a player re-signs with his original team before July 1, he gives them something like a 20% discount on his performance.  An RFA - who almost necessarily signs with his original team - gives them a 40% discount.  So the actual RFA discount versus a UFA who wants to stay with his team may not be quite as large as we suspected.