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Sharks-Wings Scoring Chances so far

Thanks to the Copper n Blue, we have scoring chances for this playoff series.  The Sharks have had 55% of all scoring chances so far:


Totals  Totals  EV  EV OTH OTH
Game 1 24 16 13 15 11 1
Game 2 23 18 13 14 10 4
Game 3 22 21 17 20 5 1
Totals 69 55 43 49 26 6


Of course, having a 26-6 advantage on PP chances is a much bigger deal than the overall total.  The only real question remaining in this series is...what narrative will be written when it's over?  Wings robbed by the refs?  Sharks no longer chokers due to Scotty Nichol's four shifts per game?  Wings biggest chokers in the league?  Zetterberg need to step it up and do better than eight times as many chances for as against?