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Who Shoots Left?

I'm right-handed and I shoot right, making me an anomaly: most right-handed Canadian hockey players who started playing at a young age shoot left. But in California, where many players picked up hockey much later in life, most right-handed people shoot right. I've never quite understood why you'd want your strong hand on the top of your stick instead of low-down to put the power into your shot, but obviously it works. NHL players are overwhelmingly left-handed shots:

C 73
LW 88
RW 25
D 70
G 88
TOT 67

Wingers are, for obvious reasons, tilted to each extreme: 41% of all right-handed shots are right wingers. And there is definitely a lack of right-handed defensemen: overall, forwards are 23% more likely to shoot right than D. Hence continued employment for Craig Rivet.

I wondered if there was any bias towards left- or right-handed shooting based on national origin:

Country Pct
CAN 64
US 63
Sweden 84
Finland 81
Czech 65
Rest Europe 83

Canada, the US and the Czechs are much more likely to shoot right, while Sweden, Finland and the former Soviet Union are dominated by left shots.