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Goaltenders of the Decade: Playoffs

The list of legendary Stanley Cup-winning goaltenders over the last decade is a short one: Martin Brodeur. Dominik Hasek played a small part in winning a second cup, and no one else has won more than one, not surprising given that no one team has dominated the playoffs over the last decade.

We can turn instead to the league leaders in playoff minutes played:

Brodeur 7074
Osgood 4574
Roy 4154
Hasek 3935
Nabokov 3930
Joseph 3553
Belfour 3420
Kiprusoff 3284
Giguere 3167
Turco 3103

As usual, Martin Brodeur is simply on another plane compared to everyone else. Hasek focused his dominance into relatively few minutes. But Hasek wasn't even in the top 10 in winning percentage, not surprising given that goaltenders who routinely play deep into the playoffs get fewer soft opponents and 4-0 sweeps to work with:

Giguere 635
Fleury 633
Khabibulin 604
Roy 603
Emery 600
Miller 588
Roloson 586
Hasek 571
Osgood 566
Bryzgalov 563

The goals-against leaders tell a good story too, accounting for more than half the Stanley Cups over the last decade:

Bryzgalov 1.68
Lalime 1.77
Tugnutt 1.77
Johnson 1.84
Hasek 1.98
Brodeur 1.99
Roy 2.02
Joseph 2.03
Osgood 2.05
Boucher 2.06

In last place? You guessed it: Dan Cloutier. What about save percentage?

Tugnutt 945
Hiller 943
Bryzgalov 937
Johnson 931
Luongo 930
Irbe 927
Thomas 926
Lalime 926
Giguere 925
Joseph 925

(You'll never guess who had the worst playoff save percentage...) Clearly, facing proportionately more shots in the playoffs and also stopping proportionately more of them is not the best indicator of success - teams have to limit opponent opportunities too:

Legace 22.6
Lalime 24.0
Hasek 24.2
Turek 24.4
Boucher 24.5
Brodeur 24.8
Turco 25.2
Kolzig 25.3
Cechmanek 25.5
Osgood 25.5

Again, a lot of the best playoff goaltenders of the decade also played behind the best defensive teams of the decade. Only Marc-Andre Fleury and Cam Ward faced an above-average number of shots during their playoff odysseys.