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Player Review: Andrew Copp

Andrew Copp is underrated and under-appreciated by the Jets coaching staff.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Copp is probably the most misused Winnipeg Jet out there. The Jets tend to play him as a third line winger when he is their second best centre and should be centring their second line. He is usually not though and there is big consternation whenever he is not on Adam Lowry’s wing. For some reason generating offence is not seen as important as producing offence and therefore Copp is clearly only a third line player.

This chart is why Copp should be so highly regarded. He is someone who is able to drive play against the tide. The Jets are a struggling possession team and Copp is able to drive possession. That is crazy important for the team movie forward and something that the Jets should start to recognize and reward him for. Copp is not the most skilled player, but he has enough skill that he fits in with more skilled players. The biggest thing with Copp is he gets them the puck and helps them keep the puck.

Andrew Copp is a great player for the Jets. Like Lowry he has one year left on his contract that pays him $2.28 million a season. He will likely command a raise, but his contract will be a different negotiation because his true value lies in his ability to drive play and not his scoring. His value lies in something that sticks around for longer than scoring goals. Keep him.