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What can the Winnipeg Jets learn from the St. Louis Blues?

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NHL: DEC 29 Jets at Blues

The Winnipeg Jets are playing the St. Louis Blues tomorrow night and it would be interesting to see if they can learn anything from the Blues of a couple seasons ago. The Blues had long been a solid team in the NHL and was sometimes a top team who struggled to take the next step. Then two seasons ago they sold off their top players while in a playoff spot or within striking distance of the playoffs only to miss the playoffs. The next season they won the Stanley Cup. So what can the Jets learn from them?

They can learn that just because you are close to the playoffs, it does not mean that you should make a play for the playoffs. Sometimes, you should sell off your assets and reset yourself for the next season. Forgo the revenue for one post-season in hopes actually capitalizing on it with a longer playoff run the next season and more excitement about the team going forward.

The other thing they can learn is that sometimes firing a coach earlier in the season can be beneficial to the team. The Blues fired their coach last season and were able to pull out of their terrible play to not only make the playoffs, but to win the Stanley Cup. They are a good team again this season and it is really interesting to think that they fired their coach just over a year ago.

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