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Arvid Holm signs with Färjestad BK

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Winnipeg Jets prospect goalie Arvid Holm is moving up in the world and has signed with a SHL team.

As Patrik notes, Holm is joining a top team in the league and it should only help his development going forward.

While his stats are not amazing, he has been making progress in the lower leagues in Sweden, even playing up at the senior level this year. Färjestad can still send him down for more playing time if he needs. However, being with a top club is a good thing (and hopefully Patrik can watch him a bit here and there).

It is unlikely that Holm will be here for Rookie Camp in September as it runs at the same time as the Champions Hockey League (CHL) where the top teams in Europe play each other. Although it is possible that Färjestad is not involved in it this year. It also runs around the same time as the start of the SHL season. It is better to allow Holm to be able to settle into the men’s league in Europe instead of coming over for a camp when he will only be sent back to Sweden after a few days.