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The Winnipeg Jets and Ottawa Senators are talking trade(s)

The Jets and Sens will probably make a trade within the next week.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets are looking to be active on the trade market again. After trading for Paul Stastny out of no where last year (once they lost out on Derrick Brassard), rumours have been flying about for who the Jets are targeting.

One team that has been central to the Jets trade rumours has been the Ottawa Senators. The Sens are the worst team in the NHL, but they have some very good players on their team. Both Mark Stone and Matt Duchene could help the Jets offensively. Stone is especially intriguing seeing as he is good at a lot of the things the Jets are struggling with this year. As for Duchene, he is a very good centre, but I am not certain his playing style will mesh well with the players on the second line.

The third player that the Jets are supposedly talking with the Sens about is Ryan Dzingel. Dzingel has 43 points including 22 goals this season. The problem with Dzingel is he does not drive play. His CorsiRel (Corsi relative to his teammates) is -1.99%. Compare this to Stone whose CorsiRel is 11.13%. In contrast to Stone, Duchene’s CorsiRel is closer to Dzingel’s at 1.39%. It is clear that Stone is the best player of the three the Jets are looking at on the Sens and it seems like he is the one that they are focusing the most energy on.

The Jets will probably make a trade with the Senators; they have too many needs and the Sens have too many players that can help fill those needs to ignore. They have to be careful about who they trade for and what they trade. If they give up too much for the wrong player, they will regret it.