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Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs San Jose Sharks

Nikolaj Ehlers scores a weird hat-trick to help the Jets win the game.

Winnipeg Jets v San Jose Sharks Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

First Period:

The Winnipeg Jets and San Jose Sharks wasted no time scoring goals: Dustin Byfuglien opened scoring on a breakaway where he went top shelf and the Sharks responded only 40 seconds later. For the rest of the period the two teams exchanged shots and goals until the Jets pulled ahead with just under eight minutes left thanks to Mason Appleton’s first NHL goal.

The rest of the period featured the teams trading chances and Connor Hellebuyck making some big saves. Jones went with him save for save until the buzzer went and both teams exited the playing surface.

Second Period:

This was a free-flowing period where no one was really in control, but it did feel like the Jets were the ones giving up more chances against. Connor Hellebuyck once again stood strong in net as the Sharks started their onslaught. He was aided by his trusty posts and crossbars; both of which helped contribute to the puck not going into the net more than it already did.

This good play from Hellebuyck was punctuated by the San Jose Sharks breaking through once more and Jonas Donskoi scoring with five seconds left to tie the game up at three. So close to keeping them off the board and yet so far...

Third Period:

This game had overtime written all over it until it did not. Nikolaj Ehlers was moved onto the first line in an effort to get the second line going and that move has paid off ten-fold. Ehlers scored the go-ahead goal; seemingly out of nowhere. No, they actually started celebrating before the ref signalled goal because he was the only one who knew that he scored. His third goal of the game was without him actually putting the puck into the net. You see, there is a rule that says it is a goal if the net is empty and a penalty has occurred that should be a penalty shot. That happened so Ehlers scored a third goal without putting the puck in the net. Ah, life is good.

This game was good fun and well worth staying up late for. The players were into it and there seemed to be no egregious calls. Apologies for the short recap; I have a lot of other writing to do.