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Recap: Winnipeg Jets lose two in a row; beaten by the Minnesota Wild

The Jets are going into their break on a losing streak.

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild

The Winnipeg Jets have lost two in a row heading into a week off. The Minnesota Wild looked like the better team from the start and that is reflected in the score and the shot total. The Jets managed only six shots in the first period and managed to put at least one person to sleep. Thankfully that person was not Connor Hellebuyck.

The second period was better, but the Jets still did not score as the Wild added to their lead. A power play gave the Jets more life and then the period ended. The third started off with some more life from the Jets and eventually a goal before Matt Dumba scored two goals and the Jets showed no will to come back and lost 4-1. They have now lost two in a row. C’est la vie.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Jets look really off tonight and it is showing on the shot clock. It looks like no pass will connect and no loose-puck battle can be won. Sometimes nothing looks right.
  2. The Jets are even back to their own penalty taking tricks and they are earning them. Don’t do this to yourselves right before your break.
  3. Connor Hellebuyck is earning his keep tonight. He is playing in a back to back situation and is making the Wild earn their goals; can’t say the same about the rest of the team.
  4. The Jets literally put me to sleep. Thank god for tea.
  5. The Jets started looking better in the second, even drawing a couple of calls because they had the puck more. And they started getting more shots after that.
  6. In all honesty, give up that many chances in a row to anyone and someone will score on you. This time it is the slumping Jason Zucker who had about three solid chances in a shift before scoring. You cannot allow that, Jets.
  7. The Jets having a good power play is the most confusing thing about this season for me and that includes their record. I simply do not know how to react to this oddity.
  8. Mathieu Perreault continues to show he is a versatile and skilled player who can do just about anything without complaint and when injuries hit, the Jets get rewarded.
  9. Say what you want about the Jets play, but the Wild’s third goal was pretty and I do not blame Hellebuyck on it at all.
  10. Hopefully the Jets have a good bye week, catch some warm weather, and come back rested and ready for a long playoff run.