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Jets’ C/LW Perreault Interview

Higher Expectations for the club in the ‘17-’18 Season.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

L’ Express’ Jonathan Habashi wrote an article on catching up with Winnipeg Jets’ Forward Mathieu Perreault, who gave his thoughts on the expectations of the team leading into the upcoming NHL season. Not one to hold back, the candid Perreault revealed that the team is shedding its former “draft and develop” image and taking on a persona of playoff and future Stanley Cup contender. Citing the recent additions in Dman Dmitri Kulikov and Goaltender Steve Mason, Perreault adds that the team has solidified key positions while building on younger talent. Finally and cryptically, Perreault states “There are no more excuses. Something must happen this season, otherwise, there will certainly be some change in the organization.”.

The article can be found here. Put your Google Translate to good use (unless you speak en francais) and give it a read.