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AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 12

The Winnipeg Jets are 4-2-0 through six games, so there is plenty of topics to address. And wow, did we ever address them. Did we ever! Didn't we?

The Winnipeg Jets are now six games in to the 2015-16, and have posted a 4-2-0 record on the backs of some stellar goaltending to offset some lacklustre underlying numbers. So the Superfans had plenty to talk about in Episode 12.

Among the topics are the aforementioned goaltending, the decision to put Anthony Peluso into the lineup over Nic Petan in the Blues game, and the concern about "math happening" if the Jets puck-luck begins to falter.

So yes, you get Pavelec, Petan, Peluso and Puck-Luck. A pretty imPressive portrait of the pertinent issues at the present. And we also talk animated movies and Jet Dogs.

So here is episode 12. You know you want to listen to us, so click the link.

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