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FlightZone: Stats Wars: The Nerds Strike Back

Tyler Dellow is hired by the Oilers, Little and Ladd are elite, and the Flyers get dealt a massive blow on defence.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Little and Andrew Ladd are an elite duo.

Kimmo Timonen was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs and a leg. Get well soon, Kimmo.

What does Timonen's diagnosis mean for the Flyers?

Tyler Dellow was hired by the Edmonton Oilers and is expected to report to Dallas Eakins.

Maybe the nerds deserve more respect because they are now getting jobs.

Corsi is just a fad...because bigger and better things will come from it.

Dallas Eakins went to a college football camp tolearn more about personnel management.

Hockey will one day be a bunch of statistics and nothing more ;)

You know you want to read Down Goes Brown's take on the Subban contract.

Who are some players whose shooting percentage should bounce back a bit?