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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario: Match-Up 3

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

If you have no clue what this is, you should probably check out the latest episode of the JetStream Podcast first. For those of you in the know though, here is match up number three of the "Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario" showdown!


Tuesday we introduced our first match-up, and Evander Kane being traded is still holding a solid lead over a good year from Ondrej Pavelec.

Yesterday we introduced match-up number two, and as of right now AHL-demotion worthy seasons from Scheifele and Trouba is holding a solid lead over serious injuries to either Trouba or Enstrom.

Today, we once again ask you which is worse:

Losing Michael Frolik to unrestricted free agency (for nothing)


Finishing 2-4 spots out of the playoffs (AGAIN) and picking around spot 8-12

Brief introductions to each side of the debate were made during this week's episode of JetStream, but here's a quick reminder of some of the points made (both positive and negative) by the guys:

Losing Frolik For Nothing

  • Would be another display of the Jets poor asset management leading to a hampering of the Jets lineup
  • Creates a rather large hole in the Jets lineup that is going to be difficult to fill
  • Likely results in Byfuglien staying a forward for his final contract year as a Jet, and likely means he will want out
  • Acts as a symbol of all that is wrong with Chevy, potentially raising questions and doubt throughout the team
  • Could potentially be avoiding a bad contract
  • Could be enough mismanagement to get Chevy fired (#FireChevy)

Finishing Just Outside the Playoffs (AGAIN)

  • You likely completely miss out on the McDavid sweepstakes (and thus a franchise-changing player)
  • Stuck in "no-mans" land again, where you are drafting a project that will take time to develop
  • means you wasted another year of your current core, could lead to guys wanting out/not re-signing next year (Ladd, Byfuglien)
  • It likely means Chevy sat on his hands at the deadline
  • Could symbolize that the Jets are improving compared to last season
  • You are technically still in the hunt to win the draft lottery and get McDavid

So What Do You Think?

Which is it Jets fans? Would losing Michael Frolik for nothing, or finishing just outside of the playoff race be worse for the Jets? Be sure to vote in the poll below, tweet at us using #JetStream, and state your case for what you think would be worse!