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Love Hate

Love Hate: Admitting Infidelity

In this week's Love Hate I admit my longstanding infidelity.

Love Hate: Back to business

Oh, hey there. It's been awhile. Please feel free to sit down, relax, and enjoy the return of our Love Hate column.

Love Hate: Everyone gets Junos!

The Junos took place in our city last night. They were pretty good, but not awesome. Today we hand out Juno themed awards to members of your Winnipeg Jets.

Love Hate: The Human Factor

In this week's edition of Love Hate, we talk about Mark Stuart and The Human Factor

Love Hate: Remembering the Lockout

In this week's Love Hate fondly recall how awful the NHL lockout was.

Love Hate: City of Hope

In this week's Love Hate we talk about the influence of blind hope in the world of professional sports.

Love Hate: Time for New Year's resolutions

In this week's Love Hate we make our New Year's resolutions.

Love Hate: The healing sport of hockey

In this week's Love Hate we discuss my deep rooted love for the Washington Capitals.

Love Hate: A time to give thanks

To all those who use this blog as a way to get out of working, parenting or any of life's other duties, we thank you.

Love Hate: Fighting through fear

The Winnipeg Jets are a team more prone to playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Sounds like my life in a nutshell.

Love Hate: The art of losing

It was shortly after ten when I next heard from my wife. "Baby's gone to heaven".

My dad, Matthew Berry and our inaugural love hate

In our inaugural post, we discuss three things to love and three things to hate as the Winnipeg Jets head into action this week.