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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets put up little resistance as the Pittsburgh Penguins cruise to fourteen straight wins

The juggernaut Pittsburgh Penguins continue to roll on as they clubbed the Winnipeg Jets unconscious for the better part of three periods. Pittsburgh's fourteenth straight victory is now puts them three short of an NHL record set by the 1992-93 Pens.

Vincent Pugliese


Suffice to say, the Winnipeg Jets did not beat the streak tonight. Instead, they were able to muster up what appeared to be twelve minutes of competent hockey before instantly becoming lifeless shells of themselves.

Only a week after back-to-back debacles against a visiting Washington Capitals squad, the Jets went on the road and were soundly drubbed by the Pittsburgh Penguins by a final score of 4-0.

Tonight's game bordered on atrocious, deplorable and depressing all bundled into a neat little package, harking back to last week's ineptitudes versus the Caps. This game was so bad that not even a two-man advantage early in third period could garner the bleak semblance of a comeback, or even exerted effort. Instead, the story of the game would a complete Pens domination sprinkled gently with missed opportunities from the Jets.

Though maligned by tonight's performance, Winnipeg cannot dwell on the end result. With the Carolina Hurricanes set to pay a visit to the MTS Centre Saturday, the Jets will be able to put another nail in the coffin of their Southeast Division foes by getting back in the win column.

Ten Thoughts:

  • Ooof baboof, the defensive lapses in this game. If I had a quarter for every two-on-one or odd man rush allowed by Winnipeg, I'd be the Monopoly man. Say, where's my monocle?
  • Final shot tally: Pittsburgh 43, Winnipeg 20. As if they ever had a chance.
  • Hard to lay the blame completely at the feet of Al Montoya, though he didn't do much to help his cause. In his defence, even had he played out of his mind, it probably wouldn't have mattered as the Jets were tactless offensively.
  • After a fantastic performance against the Carolina Hurricanes, Evander Kane was on the ice for each of Pittsburgh's goals tonight. Hopefully playing the 'Canes again on Saturday will spark his play yet again.
  • What number are we on here? Five!? Dear God, I'm only halfway through these mundane thoughts. Uhhh, Claude Noel's presser will be sure to entertain. Yeah, that's a good one.... /grabs bourbon.
  • It's amazing to me in the world of PED's that nobody in the NHL has tested Sidney Crosby for being a cyborg. What an utter disgrace on the league's part. But seriously, Sidney isn't human.
  • Bets on Jarome Iginla's presence making this an 8-0 game? Pittsburgh is going to ice a depressingly marvellous line-up. /grabs whiskey
  • Douglas Murray made his Penguins debut tonight, an effective performance in which he was hardly seen or heard. You can always tell a Milford man.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have now won their last fourteen straight games, only three short of a record previously set by the 1992-93 edition of the team. Here's hoping they don't eclipse that mark, simply out of spite and contempt.
  • There's always a silver lining, even in the most detestable of losses. Tonight, take comfort in the fact that you aren't Calgary Flames fans; may God have mercy on their souls.