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Winnipeg Jets at Pittsburgh Penguins Gameday Questionnaire: The "all your players are belong to us" edition

We catch up with our pals at Pensburgh, asking them three burning questions leading into tonight's contest.


Tonight, the Winnipeg Jets will have the difficult task of beating the streak against the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team who is undefeated in their past thirteen contests. Jets' winger Eric Tangradi will make his return to Pittsburgh for the first time since being traded for a seventh round draft pick, so hopefully this will be added ammunition for he and his teammates to feed off.

As part of our gameday coverage, we had a few questions relating to the Pittsburgh Penguins before puck-drop tonight.

With that, here is our pal Hooks Orpik from Pensburgh in today's instalment of Gameday Questionnaire:

1. So in the span of a week, the Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired Brendan Morrow, Douglas Murray and Jarome Iginla. Suffice to say that Ray Shero has broken the NHL?

And all of this in the middle of a 13 game winning streak, during which Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang have been on the sidelines for some/most of that too. This wasn't a team that seemed to need a big pickup right now by trade, but obviously Ray Shero is looking long-term (in terms of down the line this season). The Penguins needed a little bit of grit, toughness and they certainly got that and a lot more. It's a giddy day to be a Penguins fan, to be sure.

2. Looking at the upcoming schedule, which team will finally beat the Penguins streak?

Could be any and all games that end this streak. Not trying for a cop out answer, but the majority of the games have been one-goal games, the Pens have needed to make late-game comebacks, it hasn't been a dominant winning streak but one about finding ways to win. With all the excitement swirling around the Iginla trade, if the player's aren't focused, they could easily drop a game tonight against a Jets team who's had their number earlier in the season.

3. Play devils advocate for a moment and name one Eastern Conference team that has the ability to knock off the Pens in a seven game series.

I see Boston as a chief rival. I don't see anyone winning the East without getting through Boston at some point.They won the Cup two years ago and have the core of that team. They have a lot of size and strength and depth up and down the roster and some skill sprinkled in too. So the fact the Pens got Iginla and kept him from going there makes it all the more sweeter.

Ed. Note: We thank Hooks for his for his time in this edition of Gameday Questionnaire. Look for our next edition of Gameday Questionnaire Saturday with our pals from Canes Country.