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Fenwick Timeline: Winnipeg Jets vs Florida Panthers

Game 9 of your Winnipeg Jets 2013 season vs Florida represented as a pretty picture of nerd stats.

Marianne Helm

Fenwick Timelines!! Many number munchers around the web will tout the value of Fenwick and Corsi when analyzing hockey. It tends to be the best long term predictor of future success and can offer a nice snap shot of just how effective a team has been.

Now for your Winnipeg Jets: Thanks to some awesome work by Arctic Ice Hockey overlord Gabe Desjardins, via his hockey nerd haven, we can look at individual game tables, so let's get at it!

Here is the Fenwick timeline for the Winnipeg Jets vs Florida Panthers on Febuary 6th. 2013:



Cat Naps:

My goodness the first and third periods were as bad as they looked, but the Jets dominance of the 2nd period is very apparent here. Once again this is a game that the Jets should have won and fortunately they got the bounces when they needed them. Going forward the Jets will need more periods like their second here. They won't be able to cat nap their way through game against their better opponents.

All in all this was a strong defensive effort, as bad as the Jets were, the Panthers got even less going. The Jets will win a lot of games if they can keep their opponents to 25 Fenwick events (19 shots, 6 missed shots). Good show boy, keep it up.

If you want for see the Fenwick broken down per player, check out the table Alex Hemsky put together.