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Tobias Enstrom injury forces him to leave tonight's game within the opening minutes

Winnipeg Jets' defenseman Tobias Enstrom will not return to this evening's game after suffering an apparent upper-body injury.


In back-to-back games, a Winnipeg Jets' player has left win an injury. Only moments into tonight's first period versus the Pittsburgh Penguins, Tobias Enstrom was hit awkwardly into the boards by Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis before beelining for the team's dressing room and favouring his right shoulder.

Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press has since confirmed that the Jets will be without Enstrom's services for the remainder of the game:

Upon review, it appears as though Enstrom could have re-injured his collarbone, an ailment which kept him out of Winnipeg's line-up for twenty games last season.

A real kick in the pants after Zach Bogosian has just returned from a wrist injury of his own, but hopefully Enstrom won't miss significant time.

We'll keep you posted as more details are released.