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Meet the glorious Philadelphia Flyers bro in Zoomies

Words cannot describe how much of a bro this guy is.

Admit it, at some point while watching the infomercial for Zoomies, you've thought about purchasing them. And who could blame you?! How many times have you been at a hockey game and thought, "man, this is sweet, but it would be so much sweeter if I were wearing Zoomies"? Of course you have, because those bad oscars make everything infinitely better.

In the unlikely event you are unaware of the awesomeness that are Zoomies, we bring you this:

Enter this Philadelphia Flyers fan.

This guy has all the makings of being the ultimate bro. Slouch cap on backwards, greased flow dangling so bountifully to his shoulders and a pair of bad-ass Zoomies.

You look so happy, but how could you not be? It's Friday night, you're at the game and your bro idol Scott Hartnell just scored. Did I mention you're wearing Zoomies?

Some have gone so far to compare this dude's levels of bro-ness to a former Flyers great, the one-and-only Daniel Carcillo.

So here's to you, Philadelphia Flyers' bro in Zoomies. You are a visage; a hero to us all. Never change.

Wheel. Snipe. Celly.

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