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Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadiens Gameday Questionnaire: The anti-Gomez edition

We catch up with our pals at Habs Eyes on the Prize, asking them three burning questions leading into tonight's contest.

Marianne Helm

The Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens are both on a three game winning streak which will come to an end for one of these two teams tonight in La Belle Province.

As part of our gameday coverage, we had a few questions relating to the Habs as they host the Jets later this evening.

With that, here's Andrew Berkshire of Habs Eyes on the Prize in today's instalment of Gameday Questionnaire:

1. Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher have both made their rookie debuts for the Canadiens this season. Who has been more impressive in an incredibly small sample size and is there a chance they will stick for the entire season?

I would say Galchenyuk has been the more impressive of the two thus far. Gallagher has been good as well, and he's been showing a lot of effort on the backcheck, but Galchenyuk is just more versatile and the talent is so readily apparent. His playmaking was on full display against the New Jersey Devils on Sunday, making a brilliant pass for Gallagher's first career goal, and making a great read to keep the puck in the zone and set up Brandon Prust for his first as a Hab.

That line hasn't been getting much ice time while the game is on the line, with Michel Therrien preferring to play the rookies once the game is within the Habs' control. Due to score effects, this has meant the line has been outshot pretty handily, but they're still looking pretty good.

2. Everyone across Canada has been following the contract negotiations of PK Subban. When do you see this situation wrapping itself up and who would you say has really stepped up their game in Subban's absence?

Ed. Note: PK Subban has since signed to a 2-year 2.875MM AAV contract after the completion of this questionnaire.

I can't see the Subban stuff lasting another week. It's been reported that Subban has agreed to negotiate for a 2-year term, so now it's all about money. As for who's stepped up, Andrei Markov has been the king through four games. Three straight game winning goals, all on a rejuvenated powerplay, is ridiculous.

But Markov isn't alone. Alexei Emelin and Raphael Diaz have taken giant leaps forward from their play last year -- Emelin especially. Last year both struggled second pairing roles, while this year Emelin looks at home on the first pair with Markov and Diaz has been solid with Gorges.

3. Scott Gomez is no longer with the Canadiens so, having said that, who has become the new bleu blanc et rouge whipping boy?

I expected coming into the season that it would be Rene Bourque, but his inspired play has fans on his side for the first time since the Cammalleri trade. With a 3-1-0 record there hasn't really been an opportunity for the fans to really get on someone, but I suppose you could say that Tomas Kaberle is the whipping boy. It's not that he's been terrible, he hasn't, it's just that fans are always conscious of salaries these days and they want Kaberle's off the cap.

Ed. Note: We thank Andrew for giving us his time in this edition of Gameday Questionnaire. If you want to read the Q&A we did with them in collaboration for tonight's game, it can be found HERE. Look for our next edition Thursday with our pals at Litter Box Cats.