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Season Review: Tobias Enstrom

Our small statured Swedish friend is good at hockey. Contrary to the belief of some.

Toby dangles
Toby dangles
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Toby Enstrom was a very polarizing figure for the Jets this season. Being both loved, and hated by large portions of the fanbase. I happen to be in the love camp as I so stated in my earlier piece released in September about Enstrom. A very underrated aspect in the Jets' defensive core. Without him the left handed defensemen stable is nearly empty.

The Numbers:

The expression says that numbers never lie.



To explain these very simply, since 2014 Enstrom has produced points at around the level of an average Top 4 defenseman. As shown by the bottom chart, Enstrom has a very important defensive role with the team, with his goal suppression reaching a Top 2 level, far higher than Ben Chiarot who sits behind Enstrom on the depth chart.

Expansion Draft Casuality?:

Enstrom may very well be lost to preserve another defenseman the upcoming expansion draft. Exposure is not an option assuming it is a full NMC. He would have to be traded beforehand though due to his NMC. It is presumed that he's willing to waive the NMC to go to a competitor if the Jets asked him to waive.

Final Thoughts:

Toby is not as irreplacable as I describe him, but someone has to stand up for the little guy. He is a very underrated asset for the Winnipeg Jets and it has been great to watch him play.

What do you think about Tobias Enstrom? Do you think an expansion draft limits his days as a Jet? Let us know your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below!