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Santa Claus takes time out from getting pelted by snowballs, enjoys Philadelphia Flyers game

Santa's Black Friday plans didn't involve buying your presents or getting booed in the city of Philadelphia. Who knew?

Fans of Philadelphia sporting teams have a long, checkered history of being ruthless jerks. This notion stems all the way back to a Sunday in 1968 when they pelted a 19-year old Santa Claus with snowballs during a particularly bad performance by the Eagles.

Well, Santa is all grown up now and apparently is quite fond of the Philadelphia Flyers. Yes, it seems not even a barrage of icy-white cannonballs from a throng of his peers was enough to keep Jolly Old St. Nick from loving his favourite Pennsylvanian teams, or a second intermission Philly Cheese Steak.

But the sad, longing look in those eyes still tell a story. One that harkens back to that fateful Sunday in 1968 when he suffered the ultimate humiliation. We can only hope that Santa can one day team up with Flyers Bro to create the ultimate one-two-punch that represents all Flyers' fans.

Ed. Note: If you're wondering why we're posting stupid stories like this, it's because watching Santa do his thing was more interesting than anything the Winnipeg Jets did today.