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Since the Winnipeg Jets in Phiadlephia, we roll out the return of Flyers Bro

If you thought we were just going to let Flyers Bro retire quietly in the annexes of Arctic Ice Hockey history then you were sorely mistaken.

There are a lot of great things in life that we take for granted. Good jobs, loving spouses, our the untainted mind of innocent children; I could go on.

But there is one man who will forever go down in Winnipeg Jets' history as being as revered as The Dude for all you The Big Lebowski fans out there. Seriously, if you aren't a fan of The Big Lebowski something is truly wrong with your life.

Anyway, back on topic. We're talking about a man who clearly has no regard for what others think of him. Someone so comfortable being a bro that it's not even douchey. We've all seen what The Bro looks like; a guy that subtly connotes how awesome he is, be it with his Affliction t-shirt that's two sizes too small, his perfectly greased hair or his macho-esque bravado.

But none of these mouth-breathers are Flyers Bro.

With the Jets' taking on the Philadelphia Flyers in a Black Friday matinee, we salute you once again, Flyers Bro.

Until we meet again, keep being the ultimate bro.