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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets buried early in 3-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens

Two early goals by the Montreal Canadiens were more than enough to beat the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday evening at the MTS Centre.

Marianne Helm

Instant Recap:

The Winnipeg Jets felt what it is like to come out on the losing end of a shutout on Tuesday night, as the Montreal Canadiens ended their four game road trip with a comfortable win. From the opening puck drop, the Habs were the dominant team. They missed out on a couple good chances before Brandon Prust scored the game's first goal two minutes in.

P.K. Subban put Montreal up 2-0 around the midpoint of the first on a wicked one-timer off a cross-ice feed from David Desharnais. The Jets managed to stem Montreal's momentum late in the period, but from that point on the Canadiens went into a bit of a shell as they held on for a road win.

When Subban scored his goal, the Jets were being outshot 7-1. By the end of the game they had outshot Montreal 35-25. But there was never a point where the Canadiens lead felt in jeopardy. Carey Price was sharp in net, as he churned out a bulk quantity of technically sound saves.

Ten Thoughts

  • Jacob Trouba made a sweet move during a four-on-four in the first period. The guy has skills.
  • I was hoping after last season's high penalty count Evander Kane would cut down on the minors this season. Unfortunately he added three more minor penalties tonight.
  • There was a lot of line shuffling going on tonight. I find it less concerning than others, as it is good for players to be comfortable playing with anyone so the team is prepared when injuries hit, but it was tough to keep track of what was going on out there at times.
  • Carey Price is off to a good start to the season. I would be pleased to see him step up and grab the Team Canada starting goalie spot to remedy the unsettled situation we have right now.
  • Danny Briere managed an assist on the first goal and an empty net goal late, but to my eye he looks pretty bad out there. He seems about ready to wash out of the league.
  • Ondrej Pavelec gave up only two goals on the night and played a decent game overall.
  • But in the first period the Habs had a couple situations where they moved the puck cross-ice leaving a gaping net if the puck recipient had gotten a decent shot off. Pavelec was lucky in those situations that the Jets' hole did not become bigger.
  • Mark Scheifele was easy to notice tonight. He was running around with good energy. He did not get results and he ended up on his butt a lot, but at least you could tell that he was in the lineup tonight which is more than you can say for several other guys.
  • If fighting acts to swing momentum in a game, why would any Montreal player have been willing to drop the gloves with Eric Tangadi after the score became 2-0?
  • Winnipeg's next opponent, the St. Louis Blues, got bombed tonight by the San Jose Sharks. I am a little concerned that they are going to be fired up and ready to go on Friday.