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AIH Superfans Podcast

AIH Superfans Podcast - Ep. 20: Embrace the tank?

After a few weeks off, the Superfans got back together at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St) with special guest Pete Tessier (@teddier) to reflect on how Winnipeg Jets season has gone off the rails. Was it the plan all along?

AIH Superfans Podcast - Ep. 17: 3rd-Pair Trouba???

The Superfans return to the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) after taking last weekend off, so there was plenty of Winnipeg Jets content to discuss. Tune in, would ya?

AIH Superfans Podcast - Ep. 16: Hamonic of Time?

The Jets returned home from that disastrous four-game road trip and posted back-to-back wins on home ice. But with Pavelec now out, how do things look going forward? The Superfans discuss these things!

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 15 (Rock Bottom?)

After taking a week off, the Superfans are back just in time to try and dissect what has gone wrong in Jetsville. Are there any positives to are found right now? Well, we try to find them!

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 14

Recording mere minutes after the Jets got spanked in Montreal, and a few of us got our faces shaved to begin Movember, the Superfans talked about the week that was.

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 13

After a nerve-wracking 5-4 victory over the Wild, the Winnipeg Jets are now 5-2-1 on the season. And mere hours after that game, the Superfans got together to chat about the issues of the day. Fun was had!

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 12

The Winnipeg Jets are 4-2-0 through six games, so there is plenty of topics to address. And wow, did we ever address them. Did we ever! Didn't we?

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 10

The gang were joined by Big Al (@allan5oh) at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) right after we all attended the Jets-Flames preseason game so the #taeks were even fresher than normal.

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 11

The regular season has begun and the Winnipeg Jets are on pace for an 82-0 season, so the Superfans got together at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) to begin planning the parade!

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 9

Coming at you once again from the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.), the Superfans are joined by Pete Tessier as we break down the Winnipeg Jets through two exhibition games.

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 8

The gang returns to the Fox and Fiddle (456 Main St.) for episode 8! With Tim out of town for the week, Carlo steps in to provide some semblance of balance as we take on the hottest issues in the Jets universe on the eve of training camp.

Arctic Ice Hockey Superfans Podcast: Episode 7

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 6

Join the AIH Superfans as their basement dwelling adventures continue at The Fox and Fiddle Restaurant and Pub. They even ask mom to answer the phone and bring down some pizza.

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 5

From inside an echo chamber at the Fox and Fiddle, the AIH Superfans were joined by special guest @kitkat_p and a studio audience as we dropped the usual hot taeks on the Winnipeg Jets.

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 4

We recorded episode 4 in the basement of the Fox and Fiddle. It may not have been our mothers basement, but we felt comfortable nonetheless. WARNING: NSFW due to some language...

AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 3

We did a podcast and now you will listen to it as per the user agreement you clicked yes on. You're welcome.